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Acolyte School Overview

Acolyte School Management Software is designed for religious education or sunday school programs and for parochial and private journal. in the MS Visual Basic .NET program for ease of use and flexibility.

Main Information

  • Parents Information - includes invoices issued and payment records.
  • Students Information - includes pictures, sacraments information, courses enrolled in, grades, attendance records, school activities and schedules and reports
  • Staff and Teachers Information - Includes certifications, activities and schedules
  • Courses - Includes teacher, students enrolled in it, attendance, grades tracking and schedules
  • School Activities - Records of each school activity, participants and schedules

Other Features

  • Prints numerous customizable reports including labels, report cards, schedules, attendance, invoices, etc.
  • Yearend roll-over and group transfer of students.
  • Integrates with Acolyte Accounting and Acolyte Church Management.
  • Sends e-mails - single or group .
  • Uses Microsoft SQL Compact Edition.
  • Can be used in a network for simultaneous use by the school staff.