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10 reasons why people choose Acolyte Church software:

  • The convenience in being able to e-mail all donation tax receipts with customizable and personalized e-mail message.
  • A whole Profiles Module to help you in effectively planning your Parish Programs
  • Efficient data entry. Through tight integration and attention to details, you need not enter most information more than once. Next time you have to enter it, you simply click on it from a lookup table. It speeds up data entry and reduces typing errors.
  • User customizable field labels. You can use your own terminologies to label and display the different information on the screen.
  • You can also remove non-essential fields that you do not use from being displayed.
  • User selectable font for the windows and for the reports.
  • Extensive, powerful and flexible reporting capabilities. You can define records to include in the report, sort by any field, choose different name formats, etc.
  • Generates Schedules - Sacraments applicants preprocessing capability. It can generate sacrament schedules, course attendance sheets, list of applicants, etc.
  • It's Robust - using the latest Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition for it's database.
  • Integrated with Acolyte Accounting where you can post donations directly.

Maintains church records of:

  • Parishioners and family members
  • All ministries and parish organizations
  • Weekly and special collections
  • Multiple funds and pledges
  • Baptisms, Confirmation, Death, First Eucharist, Marriage
  • Mass/Liturgy schedules, stipends, and attendance of both parishioners and visitors
  • Schedules for meeting rooms and other parish facilities

Overview of Modules

  • Parishioners Module


    This module includes the essential information on the parishioners and on each member of the family. ◦ E-mail enabled. ◦ You can send e-mail to one or a group of parishioners with a push of a button. ◦ Password protected private remarks. ◦ Lookup table to minimize errors and eliminate retyping of the same information such as names, occupations, religions, etc. ◦ Parishioners donations can be displayed and entered from within the module Ministry involvement of each family member can be displayed   and entered from within the module. ◦ Displays and tracks parishioners pledges. ◦ Flexible and powerful reporting capabilities. Twenty different reports. Each report can be customized as to name format, scope, order of   printing, etc. It includes labels, form letters and different listings. The records to include in the report can be specified from a menu,   determined by a user defined query or by tagging the desired records.

  • Donations Module


    Entering weekly collections in the church management software is one of the major uses of Acolyte. We have therefore ensured that this process is done in the most efficient and easiest way possible.

    ◦ Fast data entry
    ◦ Multiple funds tracking
    ◦ Donation entry by Envelope number or by Name
    ◦ Automatic posting of recurring donations like the automatic bank withdrawals from parishioners accounts
    ◦ New parishioners can be added or change of address can be edited on-the-fly
    ◦ It displays a list of entered contributions for easy error checking and editing
    ◦ Batch processing reduces data entry for each donation to 2 fields: Envelope number (or name) and amount
    ◦ Sixteen donation reports with 5 different tax receipt formats to choose from. Each report can be further customized as to name format, scope,   order of printing, etc.

    Sending donation tax receipts at the end of the year is another major use of Acolyte.By being able to e-mail easily the receipts to all the parishioners with e-mail address makes the job easy and fast.

  • Ministries and Facilities Scheduling Module


    In this module you can create a separate table for each of the organizations or activities in your church and you can maintain the schedules of the different facilities in the parish.

    ◦ It can handle an unlimited number of church ministries
    ◦ E-mail enabled. You can send e-mail to one or all of a ministry members with a push of a button
    ◦ Each ministry table can be customized with additional fields to fit the ministry requirements
    ◦ Each ministry table is linked to the parishioners table for names, addresses and phone numbers.

  • Profiles Module


    Acolyte church management software can generate numerous reports that give you an in-depth knowledge of your parish through its parishioners, collections, sacraments and demographic profiles. For example, it can give you a:

    ◦ Summary statistical report for the current year (or for the past five years once you have used Acolyte that long)

    ◦ Parishioners Profiles by:
        ▪ Age
        ▪ Language
        ▪ Marital Status
        ▪ Occupation
        ▪ Religion
        ▪ Demographic Profiles

    ◦ Collections Profiles by:
        ▪ Amount given
        ▪ Age Range of Donors
        ▪ Frequency of giving
        ▪ Special Funds
        ▪ Weekly givings
        ▪ Monthly givings
        ▪ Ministries Profiles
        ▪ Sacraments Profiles

    By using Acolyte's User Defined Query on your parishioners table, you can easily find out the number and who your senior citizens are, those with young families, single parents, stay-at-home moms, those belonging to an ethnic group, to a certain profession, etc.

    Once you have used Acolyte church management software for a number of years, you can track any significant developing trends by using it demographic profiles. For example, you will know:

    ◦ If your parish is growing or shrinking and how fast
    ◦ If your population is aging or getting younger
    ◦ If a certain ethnic group is increasing fast or decreasing
    ◦ If your collections are going up or down.
    ◦ If there is an increase or decrease in baptism, marriage, etc.

    With a thorough understanding of your parish and its resources through Acolyte's profile reports and with a full awareness of the significant evolving trends through its demographic reports, you should now be able to set your parish objectives accurately within the framework of your diocesan vision. You can take advantage of developing opportunities and initiate corrective actions for any anticipated problems without losing sight of your focus.

    With a powerful and easy to use planning tool at your fingertips, you should now be able to design and carry out a sound and efficient parish plan, doing things right the first time.

  • Sacraments Modules


    There is a separate module in Acolyte Church Management Software for each of the following sacraments:
    ◦ Baptisms
    ◦ Confirmations
    ◦ Deaths
    ◦ First Eucharists
    ◦ Marriages

    User-created application Each of these modules is linked to the Parishioners table so that parishioners information such as parents and children's names are automatically transferred to the sacrament table without any need for retyping. The sacraments' information in the Children's table is also updated every time a sacrament record is created.

    ◦ The module generates sacrament:
    ◦ Certificates
    ◦ Registers
    ◦ Confirmation and Marriage Notifications
    ◦ Schedules of Sacraments
    ◦ Administration Course Attendance Sheets
    ◦ Lists and other reports

  • Mass or Liturgy Schedules Module


    In this module you can enter the schedule of masses or liturgies and all the ministers involved in each mass or liturgy for the coming days, weeks or months.

    ◦ Lookup table for names minimizes data entry
    ◦ Attendance tracking of parishioners and visitors
    ◦ Schedule for preachers and celebrants
    ◦ Schedule for eucharistic ministers, lectors, servers, ushers, etc.
    ◦ Personal schedule of each one involved.
    ◦ Mass or liturgy stipends tracking
    ◦ Mass or liturgy intentions list