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Acolyte Accounting Overview

Acolyte Accounting is designed specifically for church accounting and non-profit organization accounting application. Aside from the standard functions of the general purpose accounting package, it also features a Cost Center module for recording the transactions of the different funds used in a church and an optional Donations module for recording donors information and their donations during the year. It can also generate a Chancery report as well as the standard accounting reports like Balance Sheet, Income Statement, etc. With the Cost Center, you can maintain a separate book for each of the different funds in the church without having to enter a transaction twice. It can be integrated with Acolyte Church Management System so that you can post the donations from the Donations module directly into the accounting journal. in the MS Visual Basic .NET program for ease of use and flexibility.

Standard Modules

  • General - Journal, Ledger, Budgets, Financial Reports including Chancery Report
  • Cost Center - tracks unlimited number of funds
  • Payables - Vendors, Invoices, Payments
  • Payroll - Employees, Salaries
  • Bank - Monthly banks reconciliation
  • Loans and Investments - Records of loans and investments
  • Receivables - For revenue generating parish enterprises where invoices are issued.

Optional Donations Module

  • Fast data entry
  • Multiple Funds tracking
  • Donation entry by Number or by Name
  • Automatic posting of recurring donations like the automatic bank withdrawals from donors accounts
  • It displays a list of entered donations for easy error checking and editing
  • Batch Processing reduces data entry for each donation to 2 fields: number(or name) and amount
  • Eleven donation reports including tax receipts and mailing labels. Each report can be further customized as to name format, scope, order of printing, etc.